Welcome to the world of Jazzcats! You’re an aspiring musician who wants to make it big in the jazz scene. Meowmo the cat has decided to guide you. Along the way, he will teach you an indispensable skill that all great musicians have -- the ability to transcribe music.

Music transcription is when you listen to music and translate what you hear into something you can see. Musicians transcribe music to improve their ear training skills, learn how other musicians construct their melodies, and gain inspiration for their own compositions.

Music Basics

There's some music terminology that is useful to know.

How To Play

Gameplay Mode
  • Home Button: Go back to the level select menu.
  • Play Button: Play your composition
  • Stop Button: Stop your composition
  • Settings Button: Edit level settings (if applicable)
    • tempo
    • subdivision
  • Audio Button: Listen to the audio to transcribe
    • tip: press again while the audio is playing to stop it
  • Hint Button: Places a hint on the staff
  • Submit Button: Submit your composition, and if it is correct, go to the next level
  • Sharp/Flat Button: Enter sharp/flat mode, then tap on notes to be sharped or flatted
  • Select Button: Choose a cat note to place on the staff
  • Add Button: Enter add mode, tap on staff to add notes
  • Erase Button: Enter erase mode, tap on notes to be erased
  • Prev/Next Button: Navigate the pages in your composition
Freestyle Mode
Freestyle Mode is very similar to Gameplay Mode, but there are some more things you can do.
  • Settings Button: Edit level settings
    • tempo
    • measures per page
    • beats per measure
    • subdivision per beat
  • Share Button: Screen record your composition as a video

Meet the Cats!

Cat #1
Cat #2